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This is not the day to mess with me..


*laughs rolling her eyes* Yeah yeah, breaking my legs also if I remember..I let you. Mhh think again Bennett, that little bitch decided to snap my neck now she’s going to pay.image

You let me? -Bonnie almost rolled her eyes, shaking her head- 


Wait— Who?

For the first time in a long time I have no words.


None, of your concern Bonnie. just, stay out of it. 

Uh— If it has anything to do with Kol or— Caroline— I would definitely file it under my concern, Klaus.



Bonnie just wanted to be left alone at least in school. It was easy to pretend to be a normal teenager in the crowds of classmates. She sat reading a book during lunch when she was interrupted by a crowd of smiling faces. “Hi, we are apart of the yearbook club. We wanted to take some pictures for the senior class.” The oldest girl in the group said. “It would nice to have some pictures of you.”

Bonnie smiled sadly before shaking her head “No, thank you.” The girl looked visibly flustered asking once again “It will only take a few minutes, it’s not like you are really busy.” The other kids who gathered snickered to themselves until they heard a loud cough.

“She was waiting for me. What do you want?” Kol sighed as he walked over to Bonnie.

Bonnie rolled her eyes as the girl flipped her hair and changed her tone. “A few photos, you know we would love some photos of couples.”

“Then we should give some, love” He said wrapping his arm around her. She wanted to brush him off but the look on the girl’s face made her want to play along.

“You can take those photos now.” Bonnie said smiling at Kol. The group began to snap photos of the couple that would be in the final cut of the yearbook.

Even though when the bell rang, they would be enemies again. She felt young again for those few minutes.


Kol’s eyes settled on Bonnie, watching her with a faint smile as he continued to keep hold of her slender fingers. His brain didn’t want to let go: a feeling of safeness; of comfort, came with her powerful presence. The room was a little less cold and lonely knowing she was around. His gaze followed the movement of her lips, noticing the way she reassured herself—mentally and verbally—as she looked him over with her fiery gaze.

Bonnie pulling away frayed the once present smile. He let out an exhausted sigh as she began to talk to him in that voice that held anger— although simply a shield for harboured concern. Kol moved a shoulder roughly, detaching himself from the wall. “A few things,” he answered.

Kol shifted his view then, glancing away from Bonnie with the arrival of her second question. He could be grateful, that was one thing, but owning up to what had just happened almost caused a wildfire of red to spread across his cheekbones and down his neck. He shrugged once more, wordlessly.

Her blazing eyes pointed at the Original as she watched his features slump accordingly to her small, questioning outburst; it’s not like she wanted to upset him, though. However, Bonnie felt she had no control over the need to release the pent up anxiety within her. She had just watched on in panic as he suffered before her— she felt her minuscule eruption of ferocity was completely justified… Although, when she saw him dejectedly shift his position tiredly, she glanced away.

Kol’s words only jabbed at her conscious— her reasonable self; that, just as the unreasonable parts of her, loved Kol more than anything.

An apologetic frown to form on her lips, her eyes returning to his with a burning sympathy, “Kol— There’s isn’t anything wrong with you—” Her face fell slightly, arms moving around her torso restlessly, “—I’m sorry, okay? I just—” Bonnie’s released a flustered breath of air as she struggled with her sentence,”— I don’t know what just happened, Kol, and—” Her jaw clenched, eyes on the floor now, “You scared me.”

Bonnie’s face only fell further when she caught a glimpse of him once more, taut and concealing, “What’s wrong? Hey—” Shadowed eyes searched his features, face shaking in disbelief, “— Don’t do that— Don’t go all, 'proud Original' on me. Talk to me— okay?”


This is not the day to mess with me..


Ah, to be honest It won’t matter anymore if it’s your friend, lover, family member,bed member if they cross my path..toodles.image

-she scowls, eyes narrowing- You’re not a threat Katherine. We both remember I can take you— You can’t just go around hurting people because you feel like it. 


This is not the day to mess with me..


Don’t give me that look, Bennett. It’s none of your friends..I hope.image

You hope? 


Who is it?

This is not the day to mess with me..


I swear when I find her, I’ll kill herimage

Wait— What’s going on?image